Azealia Banks, “Fantasea II” dropping in March

More than five years after Azealia Banks released her debut mixtape ‘Fantasea’, the 26-year-old rapper announced she will deliver its long-awaited follow-up in March.

Azealia revealed that her new project ‘Fantasea II: The Second Wave‘, will finally be dropping soon on Instagram on Monday (Jan. 8):

“Okay guys !! so Fantasea Two the second wave is going to be released via @entertainmentone In March 2018,” Azealia explained sharing a photo.

In an interview with XXL last year, the Harlem rapper spoke about reworking the project and her decision to change ‘Fantasea II’ from a mixtape to a full-length album.

“We’re gonna be redoing Slay-Z, just because there are a couple of songs on Slay-Z that didn’t really get their chance, and I think that, coupled with some new material, Slay-Z can actually have her moment in time,” she said.

“Then after that, it’s Fantasea II, which is gonna be an album instead of a mixtape” she added, “it’ll be a follow-up to Fantasea. Then after that, it’s Business & Pleasure, which is the proper follow-up to Broke With Expensive Taste.”

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January 10, 2018
di Fabiana