Beyoncé and her wardrobe malfunction at Coachella 2018

All eyes were on Beyonce’s historic headline performance at Coachella on Saturday (Apr. 14), which made her ensuing wardrobe malfunction even more noticeable.

Coachella 2018 gave us so many surprises, such as a Destiny’s Child reunion and a Solange dance battle, but the wardrobe malfunction during one of Beyoncé’s intensive dance routines was the more interesting one for some.

As a matter of fact, during the Destiny’s Child reunion medley, Beyoncé struggled to hold her top up. Performing the dance routine, the singer appeared to be holding on to the strap of her top, and constantly checking that a wardrobe malfunction hadn’t taken place.

Righ in the moment of Beyoncé’s dance sequence with sister Solange, the singer started to have a little problem with the top of her bodysuit. But the incredible thing is that as she attempted to hold her top up, and check that a nip slip hadn’t occurred, her knee-high boots slipped down to her ankles.

Needless to say Twitter users noticed the slip and reacted with nothing but admiration for Beyonce’s ability to continue on.

Have a look at what happened below.

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April 16, 2018
di Fabiana