Brian Littrell supports Nick Carter amid rape accusations

You surely remember last year Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter was accused of rape by former Dream singer Melissa Schuman, according to whom the incident occurred more than 15 years ago, when he performed oral sex on her – despite her refusals – and forced her to perform it on him.

Nick’s friend and bandmate Aj McLean already told the press he was sure of Nick’s innocence, insisting it’s not in his nature to take advantage of a woman.

Now it’s Brian Littrell’s turn. According to the red-headed singer, Nick is the victim of a “fame seeker” and an opportunistic accuser. Moreover Littrell believes the allegations made against Nick are without merit and he won’t face charges.

He has our full support,” the singer told TMZ on Tuesday (Aug. 7). “This has been going on for a long time and unfortunately there are fame seekers that are out there.”

“He’s been forthright and honest with us and we have to stand beside our bandmate” he continued, adding “We feel confident but it is what it is. It’s the world we live in and everybody wants to know something or get something on somebody.”

Moreover, Littrell believes it’s a “sign of the times,” probably in reference to the recent #MeToo movement, which started in Hollywood and reverberated throughout the world.

The case is currently being reviewed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney.

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August 09, 2018
di Fabiana