Britney Spears ends her seven-year legal battle with ex-manager

Britney Spears and former manager Sam Lutfi have reportedly ended their seven-year legal battle.

Lutfi filed a defamation case against Britney and the Spears family in 2009, accusing them of publicly slandering him by claiming he had some responsibility for the singer’s downfall that saw her hospitalised in 2008. He was accused of tightly controlling and manipulating the then troubled popstrel, making decisions about her medications, cutting her phone lines, and even supposedly deciding who she was allowed to see.

After the case was dismissed in 2012, Sam appealed and was able to revive his allegations. reports that the music manager agreed to abandon his case, in which he accused the Toxic star of being a drug abuser and of slandering his good name, just weeks before it was due to be heard (Sep12).

So Britney and Lutfi settled their case three days ago (Sep04) and the singer paid out “in the low six figures” to her ex-manager. The exact amount wasn’t confirmed, but it is believed to have been less than the estimated $500,000 it would have cost Britney in legal fees to defend the case.

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September 07, 2016
di Fabiana