Britney Spears’ life becomes a TV movie

The ruffled life of Britney Spears is becoming a television biopic. Her story is becoming a TV movie and will tell about her childhood, her long relationship with singer Justin Timberlake, the betrayal, the divorce of her parents and her tabloid breakup with Justin.

Of course we’ll see also her quickie marriage to childhood friend in Las Vegas and later, the unblessed marriage to dancer Kevin Federline, who became the father of her two children. Then her life went out of control, she lost custody of her sons and was placed under her father’s conservatorship. But despite her past troubles, Britney has battled back to rebuild her career to its former glory.

It’ll be a US network geared toward women called Lifetime to create the two-hour film on the singer’s life, to air next year. Starring as Spears will reportedly be Natasha Bassett, a rising actress from Australia.

in: EntertainmentNews
August 25, 2016
di Fabiana