Brockhampton release tracklist for “Saturation 2”

Brockhampton decided to share the official tracklist and album cover for “Saturation 2”, which is dropping this Friday, August 25th. “Next week bitch” the leader Kevin Simpson tweeted out following its official announcement.

The band owes their success to the debut effort “Saturation”, but before they even dropped off that album back in June, Kevin tweeted out that they were already working on its sequel: “We will also release our 2nd album this summer,” the singer wrote on June 3rd.

“Saturation 2” will contain 16 tracks in total and all of them have one word titles, just like the first installment of Saturation. As for the cover art, you can see group member Ameer Vann on the front cover sitting in an old school vehicle, meanwhile member Robert Ontenient graces the backside in some swim goggles.

Here is the album’s tracklist:

1. “Gummy”
2. “Queer”
3. “Jello”
4. “Teeth”
5. “Swamp”
6. “Scenic”
7. “Tokyo”
8. “Jesus”
9. “Chick”
10. “Junky”
11. “Scene”
12. “Fight”
13. “Sweet”
14. “Gamba”
15. “Sunny”
16. “Summer”

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August 22, 2017
di Fabiana