Camila Cabello debuts YouTube documentary

Pop star Camila Cabello dropped a YouTube documentary titled Made In Miami on Tuesday (Feb. 27), which follows her family and life in Miami. It’s a real insight into her private life away from the stage.
“I’m so proud of the documentary,” she told devotees in a live streaming session to promote the film. “It’s definitely the most intimate thing I’ve ever done. It’s the most I’ve ever let people in before, because I’m a really private person, and have always been like that. That’s why I’m bad at social media, and why I don’t post enough…!”

It was very hard for the former Fifth Harmony singer to convince her relatives to take part in the shoot, since they are very introverted.

“My family is so shy,” Camila shared. “My mum hates interviews, cries on the way to interviews because she gets so shy, my grandpa doesn’t wanna talk (on camera)… So I just kept telling them, everybody needs to be in it… because I knew that it would be kinda like a live photo album for my (family), and I’m so happy my grandpa’s in it, he’s so cute… It’s such an intimate part of my life…

Made in Miami is directed by Tabitha Denholm and gives us insight into Camila’s professional journey as well as her family’s courageous pursuit of the American dream.

In addition to the new documentary, the Havana singer also hosted her own live Q&A, in which she answered fan’s questions about her upcoming tour and the documentary. She also showed off her new puppy, a 7-week-old black German shepherd named Thunder.

Check out the documentary below.

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February 28, 2018
di Fabiana