Cardi B reveals how much she’s getting paid for Coachella

During an interview with SiriusXM’s Hip Hop Nation, Cardi B has given a rare insight into the backstage of Coachella, revealing that she will earn $70,000 each weekend.

Do you think it’s a lot of money, right? Well, not for Cardi. She’ll probably lose money playing the fest, in fact, because she’s apparently spending nearly $300,000 on her stage set.

First up she admitted she didn’t know Coachella was “such a big deal” before talking honestly about her money, saying she will be paid $70k per weekend thanks largely to being booked for the event before she blew up. “I have to invest so much money on my stage set, my own money,” she said. “It’s crazy. Almost 300 thou. It’s an investment.”

Coachella runs this weekend (April 13-15) and will return the weekend after (April 20-22) at its traditional home in Indio, California.

Beyoncé, The Weeknd and Eminem are confirmed as headliners for this year’s Coachella, with the former reportedly preparing for the festival with 11 hour long rehearsals.

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April 11, 2018
di Fabiana