Chance the Rapper sued for copyright infringement

Chance the Rapper was sued Tuesday (Sept. 12) for alleged copyright infringement regarding a song that appeared way back on his debut mixtape 10 Day (2012). The song in question is “Windows” and the plaintiff is Abdul Wali Muhammad, a New York-based jazz musician who says that “Windows” samples the song “Bridge Through Time,” co-authored by Muhammad in 1979.

Muhammad claims that Chance the Rapper was never given the permission to use the sample, and is seeking damages for the infringement. In his eight-page complaint, he also requests a court order from a federal judge to stop Chance from “copying, distributing, performing, selling or offering to sell Chance’s song ‘Windows.’”

The musician – who now works as a criminal and civil rights lawyer – says that he first became aware of “Windows” in April 2017 and reached out to Chance’s management in May to request a cease of infringement but did not receive a response.

in: Hip Hop
September 13, 2017
di Fabiana