Charlie Puth records new song with Alicia Keys

Charlie Puth has used his appearance on The Voice U.S. as a springboard to a major opportunity, revealing he’s recently recorded a new collaboration with one of the show’s mentors: Alicia Keys.

“Alicia and I are both piano players” said the singer “so there were a few times where we would be holding everyone up because we would be vamping on her song Fallin’, and I would play on the left hand and she would be soloing on the right hand and it was pretty amazing.”

Puth also said of the song: “The song is for Alicia, but I have to respect the art and not give too much away, because we only want to show the finished product. I will say, though, that it was one of the most special songwriting sessions I’ve ever had. It was a very humanistic process. It didn’t feel like record labels put us together.”

Puth gave no details as to the name or expected release time of the song.

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September 05, 2016
di Fabiana