Chester Bennington’s death: 911 call audio released

Just days after Chester Bennington’s shocking suicide, police released audio of the 911 call a hired driver made when a housekeeper discovered the body of Linkin Park singer in his home. Bennington was found hanging from his bedroom door in his Palos Verdes Estates home on Thursday morning (July 20th).

In the call, housekeeper can be heard crying and screaming in the background as the driver provided the dispatcher with details. He said he was there to pick up Bennington when the housekeeper rushed outside in a panic after finding the body.

The driver tells the operator, “I just got to the location and his housekeeper came out and said he unfortunately killed himself… he hung himself.

He adds “I asked, I said, ‘Is he cold, is he warm?’ And she said, ‘No, he’s dead, he’s been hanging,’ and she’s talking to his wife right now.”

Bennington struggled with substance abuse throughout his life. This need to make life tolerable led to his death.

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July 26, 2017
di Fabiana