Chester Bennington’s ex-wife criticizes his ‘disgusting’ funeral

We fear that Chester Bennington will find no peace even in death. Nearly one month since late Linkin Park frontman was laid to rest, his first wife Samantha Olit accused Chester’s widow and others of capitalising on his death.

Samantha was married to the Linkin Park star for nine years until their divorce in 2005 and they had one child together, Draven Sebastian (born April 19, 2002).

The woman aired frustrations surrounding the event through an angry Facebook post on Wednesday (Aug 23) in which she calls the funeral a “disgusting delusional display,” arguing that organizers failed to highlight her ex-husband’s life outside the band.

According to Samantha’s post, she was not given the opportunity to speak at the funeral, and there were few photos of her and Bennington’s son. Furthermore, Samantha alleged that various family members were left off the program as well, while she also took a shot at the program itself saying it looked “like a cheap happy hour menu.”

“I have been a lady, I have kept my mouth shut”, that’s how the note begins, “I hold my head up high but as my head starts to lower I’m not in my own truth.”

Here’s the main points: “I’m so disgusted on so many levels!” Samantha wrote, adding “There were many friends & family that should have been there but when you turn a funeral into reducing someone’s life into only 12 years that’s what you get!”

Samantha also ostensibly accused Bennington’s widow, Talinda – referred to as “T” – of neglecting to invite her to the “after bowling celebration” and also of never treating Draven “equally.”

Closing the note she wrote, “I hope you like capitalizing on his death…karma is real. I send you back all your energy to you a thousand time folds! Look in the mirror, I hope you like what you see. Business is business but I see zero love.”

You can read her entire letter here.


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August 25, 2017
di Fabiana