Clean Bandit cancel North American tour

Clean Bandit have cancelled their upcoming US tour due to Luke Patterson’s ongoing medical problems with his foot. The drummer has been suffering for the last few years with the injury, and now he needs to undergo surgery.

The Rockabye hitmakers were due to kick off their tour in Vancouver, Canada on March 26th and perform around the continent for a month. However, Luke took to the band’s Twitter account on Monday (Mar. 12) to announce that he needed surgery on his foot and would have to cancel the trek to have the operation.

“So, some of you might know that I’ve had this problem with my foot for the last few years,” he wrote, adding “I’ve tried all sorts of methods to fix it (ice bucket, special trainers etc.) but the time has come for me to have surgery so it can be fixed! I’m going to be fine, but unfortunately it means that we will have to cancel our upcoming US tour.

He concluded the post by explaining to fans that they wouldn’t be resting during their time off and would be using the break to perfect their new songs so they are ready to be performed once he’s better.

Together with┬áthe message, the musician shared a picture captioned “Bad News” of himself wearing a medical boot on his foot and holding a crutch with a sad look on his face. In the snap, his bandmates, Grace Chatto and brother Jack, are lifting him off the floor.


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March 13, 2018
di Fabiana