Garbage singer Shirley Manson cut herself

It’s terribly shocking! Shirley Manson recently revealed she cut herself as a young adult to cope with depression. The Garbage frontwoman has opened up about her life low in a new essay for The New York Times, titled ‘The First Time I Cut Myself.’

In the powerful op ed, she explains she began cutting herself in her late teens after falling into a toxic relationship and reveals she often used a penknife she kept in her boot.

“I was in my late teens, darkly in love with someone who wasn’t in love with me,” she recalls, adding “I was having sex with multiple partners, experimenting with drugs and drinking copious, alarming amounts of alcohol. I would often fall foul of crushing depression, struggling to get out of my bed before four in the afternoon. Having flunked out of school, I had no set future in mind.”

At the time, Manson, who is now 51 and had been sexually assaulted when she was just 13 years old, was only attracted to men who wouldn’t give her time of day.

The star ultimately conquered the disorder, taking control of the negative thoughts in her mind. “Today I try to remain vigilant against these old thought patterns,” she says.

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July 04, 2018
di Fabiana