Gerard Pique ready to turn his back on Spain if his support for Catalan independence is a ‘problem’

Gerard Piqué seems to have become Spain’s public enemy No.1. The defender had already been booed by fans in some games and was also being unfairly targeted by the media for his political views and mocking of Barca’s big rivals, but after the referendum won by independence movement on Sunday,  the situation has worsened.

90% of the 2.26 million Catalans who voted on Sunday (Oct. 1) voted in favour of independence, according to preliminary results released by the region’s government. The player has offered to retire from international football if his support for people to vote in the referendum on Catalan independence is regarded as a problem for the national team.

Piqué posted a picture of himself casting his vote in the referendum and this act made spanish supporters mad. “I have already voted. Together we are unstoppable defending democracy,” Pique tweeted.

Moreover, in a press conference Piqué said “I think I can continue. But if the board really thinks I’m a problem, I will take a step back and leave the national team before 2018 […] There are many people in Spain who disagree with what happened today and believe in democracy.”

Piqué said he was proud of his fellow Catalonians: “I am and I feel Catalan, today more than ever. I am proud of the behaviour of the people of Catalonia. Voting is a right that must be defended.”

Also Piqué’s partner, singer Shakira, has been criticized in the past by opponents of Catalan independence, especially after the Colombian star recorded a song in the language of her newly adopted home. The 40-year-old singer lives in the Catalan capital of Barcelona with Gerard Pique, and their sons Milan (born in 2013) and Sasha (born in 2015).

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October 02, 2017
di Fabiana