Harry Styles won’t be in Louis Tomlinson’s new music video

On July 17th, Harry Styles was interviewed by Roman Kemp on Capital London Breakfast. During the show – which is broadcast from 6am to 10am each weekday – Harry discussed getting injured on the set of his new film ‘Dunkirk’ and addressed the rumours of him featuring in Louis Tomlinson’s new music video.

When Kemp asked Styles about the injures, the singer replied “There was a couple little ones. I was a little, like, numb by the end I think. I did something to my wrist but there was a couple times stuff would fall on my head and stuff. Like rip off the wall and fall on you and stuff like that. But you know the stunt guys really went through it so it made me feel like I couldn’t really complain about my wrist.

As regards Louis Tomlinson’s new music video, as you all know rumor has it there is Harry’s hand in the teaser trailer but he claimed the contrary: “Not that I know of – he said – Unless someone borrowed it without my consent. No I don’t believe so.”

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July 18, 2017
di Fabiana