Hollywood votes to remove Trump’s WOF star

Donald Trump’s presence on the Hollywood Walk of Fame could be compromised by the fact the West Hollywood City Council voted unanimously to remove his star.

The resolution was backed at a council meeting on Monday evening (Aug. 6), with the agenda item citing his “disturbing treatment of women” among the reasons for the star’s proposed removal.

“The West Hollywood City Council did not pass the resolution because Donald Trump is a conservative or a Republican, explains Mayor John Duran. “Earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is an honor. When one belittles and attacks minorities, immigrants, Muslims, people with disabilities or women — the honor no longer exists.”

The West Hollywood mayor even took to Twitter to compare Trump to Harry Potter’s mortal nemesis, Lord Voldemort, hash-tagging the announcement with “horcrux destroyed.”

However, the final decision rests with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, who have previously resisted calls to remove the stars of controversial figures. Just think that in 2015, they resisted impassioned calls for the removal of Bill Cosby’s star from the Walk of Fame, after the iconic entertainer faced multiples sexual assault claims.

As a matter of fact, it should be noted that throughout history, no star has ever been removed from the Walk Of Fame.

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August 07, 2018
di Fabiana