Jaden Smith shares debut album details

After his tweets on  Oct. 21 and Oct. 24,  in which he wrote “More Is Coming, I Promise I Won’t Let You Down,” and “I’m Coming For Everyone,” Jaden Smith has finally teased details of his upcoming debut album on Instagram.

The singer announced the official release date for his debut album SYRE: A Beautiful Confusion. The project will be available November 17 and, according to his tweet, has been three years in the making.

Jaden, son of superstars Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, uploaded 12 posts on the internet, showing either video clips of Jaden with snippets of music, or still images with words like “The Sunset Killed Him” splashed across them.

I Cordially Invite You To Visit SYRE Land Via My Instagram. 3 Years In The Making Thank You #LongLiveSYRE,” he wrote on Twitter, inviting fans to log on to Instagram and watch a series of visual trailers

“SYRE, the story of a boy who chased the sunset till it chased him, never quite sure about his placement in this pink world or why nothing ever made sense, all he knew is everyday he woke up bleeding with amnesia and a case of new memories that he had tendencies to mistake for fiction,” he further shared on Instagram.


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October 26, 2017
di Fabiana