John Newman caught by brain cancer again but he says “I’m fine”

British singer John Newman, who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor for the second time, said on Tuesday he was “absolutely fine” and hopes to bring awareness to the condition.

The ‘Love Me Again’ star was diagnosed with cancer earlier this summer, four years after he first battled a non-cancerous tumor in 2012, but he’s refusing to let the health drama get him down.

“Where I’m at with it is I’m absolutely fine…I’m being monitored,” Newman told Reuters in an interview.”I don’t just want to be moping around worrying about this thing…I want people to know about (these) sorts of things. I want people to go…to the brain tumor trust and things like that and bring this awareness.”

Newman, who is working on new material with Ed Sheeran and has recently teamed up with Harris for single “Olè”, assures fans his latest health setback will not stop him from making music: “I’m not going to stop making music no matter how much radiotherapy (I get).”

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August 17, 2016
di Fabiana