Justin Bieber pays surprise visit to children’s hospital in Orange


Justin Bieber paid a surprise visit to the Children’s Hospital of Orange Country, California, on Monday (July 17th). Many picture have been shared online, and in all of them Bieber is seen hanging out with patients in their rooms at the medical center, sharing conversations, smiles, and prayers.¬†That’s not all! With one boy, the 23-year-old singer even did the dab.

“Today I got a once in a life time chance to share a heart to heart conversation, several smiles, hugs, but most importantly a beautiful prayer that @justinbieber said. This is the side the world deserves to see of him – wrote patient Brittney Cruz on ¬†Instagram – His beautiful soul and personality that definitely touched my heart forever. God is so good man! So thank you again @justinbieber and @chocchildrens best child life specialist Chloe for giving me an unforgettable experience.”

One mother, Brandie Runner, shared a video of her daughter Vicky crying as Justin stands in front of her hospital bed and asks about her day. “The actual video of @vickyyrunnner meeting @justinbieber at #CHOC – Brandie wrote while posting on Instagram – We still can’t believe Justin Bieber came in to meet my chicklette. What a blessing this day was to her (& I). I never knew he had this big of a heart. #spendtimewithsickkids.”


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July 18, 2017
di Fabiana