Justin Timberlake reveals he ‘hooked up with’ a Spice Girl

During an episode of the Ellen DeGeneres show which aired on Monday (Apr. 30), NSYNC boys were playing a game of Never Have I Ever when a shocking revelation came out: Justin once hooked up with a Spice Girl.

“Never have I ever hooked up with a Spice Girl,” asked Ellen before the stunned audience watched Justin go sheepishly quiet.

Bandmates Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick lifted up their “I Have Never” paddles – but nothing from speechless Justin.

Then, after a few seconds, the singer lifted up a definitely fake “I Have Never”,  but Ellen eventually got him to admit it.

While a name wasn’t revealed, we know for sure that the musician has previously been linked to Emma Bunton. As a matter of fact, Baby Spice described having a fling with Timberlake to Jonathan Ross in 2004: “We’ve been hanging out and having fun. We partied a bit, he was very sweet,” she said.

Here’s the video of Nsync playing Never Have I Ever:

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May 02, 2018
di Fabiana