K-pop singer Jonghyun died in a suspected suicide

SHINee lead singer and K-Pop star Kim Jong-hyun, better known by his stage name Jonghyun, died Monday evening (Dec. 18) at 27 in what police are investigating as a possible suicide.

The singer, who died in hospital, said he felt ‘broken from inside’ in note made public today. The harrowing note has highlighted the pressures facing young people in South Korea’s intensely competitive entertainment industry.  

In the note – released by his friend, singer Nine9 on his Instagram – the 27-year-old had said he was depressed: “The depression that gnawed on me slowly has finally engulfed me entirely,” Kim wrote, adding that he “couldn’t defeat it any more. I was so alone, the act of ending is difficult.”

“I’ve lived until now because of that difficulty,” he added “Please tell me I did a good job. You’ve worked hard. You’ve really gone through a lot. Goodbye.”

Kim was found unconscious at a resident hotel in Seoul and was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Police had rushed to the scene following an emergency call from his sister, who told them she had received a series of troubling texts from her famous brother.

“Please let me go. Tell me I did well. Final farewell,” the texts read. Next to the singer’s body, authorities found burned coal briquettes, which produce carbon monoxide, in a frying pan.

SHINee debuted on the K-Pop music scene in 2008 with their first album, The SHINee World, and the group has reached a huge amount of success in the near-decade since its formation, with a string of Japanese-language albums and trend-setting styles.

Kim also launched a successful solo career as a singer-songwriter in 2015, with three albums over the last three years, as well as a book, Skelton Flower, published in 2015.

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December 19, 2017
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