Katy Perry’s career over? Here’s what she said

On Sunday (Sept18) Katy Perry perfectly responded to a troll who said her latest single “Rise” flopped and that her career is over. “See you at my show 2K17,” she replied, implying that next year she will be on tour.

“Rise” was dropped earlier this year in support of the Olympics. Released without the full marketing support like it would as an official album lead single, the tune peaked at number 11 in the USA and number 25 in the UK. Well then, not a commercial disaster by any means, but a real success either.

However, it doesn’t matter now: the news is that Katy plans to hit the road again next year. Her last tour, The Prismatic World Tour, ended in October last year after taking in 151 dates around the globe and raking in over £150 million.

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September 20, 2016
di Fabiana