Lance Bass prepares for fatherhood

Have you heard that Lance Bass and his husband Michael Turchin are about to become parents? The couple started the surrogate process in April of this year, and being yesterday the third Sunday of June – Father’s Day – the former Nsync member decided to say something about the amazing experience which awaits him.

Lance Bass praised the “incredible” surrogate he and Turchin have chosen to carry their child, saying “Our surrogate fell into our laps through our embryologist, who is incredible,” he told ET.

“She started her own surrogacy company last year,” he explained, adding “We were meeting with several companies and she said, ‘I know you haven’t decided if you’re going to go with us, but in case you do, I have a girl that’s ready to go now who I think will be perfect.’ We were like, ‘Really?’”

“She brought her over the next day and we just loved her,” Lance continued. “She was so selfless and all about wanting to give that gift to someone. I wanted to cry because it was just so special that someone would do that.”

June 17, 2018 has been the last Father’s Day Lance and Michael are without children.

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June 18, 2018
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