Lily Allen: ‘I saw James Blunt having sex in a hotel foyer’

Believe it or not, Lily Allen saw James Blunt having public sex with someone in the foyer of her hotel room at Chateau Marmont. At least it’s what she said during an interview with Yahoo’s Be.

“I once walked in on somebody having sex with James Blunt in the foyer of my hotel room at Chateau Marmont,” the songstress said when asked about what shameless thing she had witnessed at the famed hotel.

“Not that it’s shameful to have sex with James Blunt,” she added, “It was just that it happened to be happening in the foyer of my hotel room.”

Lily Allen did not mention when the alleged hotel romp occurred, but we believe it happened years ago since Blunt is a married man (and supposedly a faithful groom) since 2014.

The You’re Beautiful singer is yet to comment on Allen’s claims.

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September 06, 2018
di Fabiana