Meryl Streep about Weinstein: a ‘God’ before, ‘disgraceful’ now

Meryl Streep called Harvey Weinstein her “God”. Yes she did it, in 2012, when she accepted the award for best actress in a motion picture drama at the Golden Globe awards. To call him “God” was a way to thank him for giving her the opportunity to star as Margaret Thatcher in 2011’s The Iron Lady.

“I just wanna thank my agent Kevin Huvane and God, Harvey Weinstein, the punisher, Old Testament, I guess,” Streep joked at the time.

But now everything is different, and Weinstein, who was fired Sunday from his film company, became in her eyes a “disgraceful” individual. In a statement on the Huffington Post, Streep declared she was unaware of the alleged incidents and that the news was a surprise: “The disgraceful news about Harvey Weinstein has appalled those of us whose work he championed, and those whose good and worthy causes he supported. The intrepid women who raised their voices to expose this abuse are our heroes.

She went on, “One thing can be clarified. Not everybody knew. Harvey supported the work fiercely, was exasperating but respectful with me in our working relationship, and with many others with whom he worked professionally. I didn’t know about these other offenses; I did not know about his financial settlements with actresses and colleagues; I did not know about his having meetings in his hotel room, his bathroom or other inappropriate, coercive acts. And if everybody knew, I don’t believe that all the investigative reporters in the entertainment and the hard news media would have neglected for decades to write about it.”

However many people are willing to bet she certainly knew about Harvey Weinstein, as the actress worked years with him and had to have known. Where’s the truth in all of this? Here’s the video in which Meryl Streep calls Weinstein ‘God’:

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October 16, 2017
di Fabiana