Michael Buble won’t retire from music

We knew it was impossible that Michael Buble could retire from music, so when a few days ago all the main press outlets insisted the Grammy-winning singer had planned his retirement, we decided not to give the news anyway. And we were right.

Michael Buble is shutting down rumors that he’s going to retire from music, and on Tuesday (Oct. 16) he told The Associated Press that he was misquoted in an interview he disputed on October 13.

We’re talking about an interview  published in the Daily Mail that said he would quit music after the release of his upcoming album ‘Love,’ due Nov. 16.

“I’ll keep going until the news of my death comes out, which will probably be fake too,” he said with a chuckle. “At that point, you’re really famous now. Things are really going well on this record. Buble is hanging with Elvis. … Buble and Elvis having fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches together.”

in: Pop
October 18, 2018
di Fabiana