Michael Bublé worried about his career after vocal cord surgery

As you already know, Michael Bublé had some problems with his voice and back in June he was forced to to cancel all the scheduled performances while he underwent a vocal cord surgery and until fully recovered.

Recently, the singer has revealed that while the operation was successful, prior to going under the knife he felt anxious and very upset about what would have happened if it had gone wrong.

In fact, it seems that the ‘Home’ singer was terrified his singing career would be ruined after the vocal cord surgery.

Back in may, Bublé warned his followers about what was going to happen: “To my fans. I wanted to let you know that I am bowing out of some upcoming events due to pending vocal surgery which will require a period of time for me to rest and recover. No talking or singing for awhile, but my doctors expect a complete recovery,” Bublé wrote on Twitter.

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October 13, 2016
di Fabiana