Michael Phelps reveals: ‘I listen to Eminem, Young Jeezy and Eric Church before a race’

Michael Phelps has revealed that he listens to singers such as Eminem, Young Jeezy, Eric Church and more before a race. The swimmer, who is the most decorated Olympian of all time, often listens to music right up to the start of a competition because it helps him to relax.

In an interview with NBC, the swimmer said that his favourite artist is Eminem and that he also listens to Skrillex and Steve Aoki before hitting the pool. As a matter of fact, prior to winning gold in Saturday’s 4x100m relay, the athlete said he put on Skrillex’s remix of Nero’s ‘Promises’ and Aoki and Afrojack’s ‘No Beef’.

Phelps, 31, exited Brazil with five gold medals and one silver, bringing his all-time tally of precious metals to 24, as he assured his adoring fans that he’s retiring for good this time around.

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August 17, 2016
di Fabiana