Moby missed mum’s funeral due to hangover

In an interview with British magazine NME, Moby said he missed his mother’s funeral because he was hungover. The American musician – real name Richard Melville Hall – lost his mother, who died of cancer, in 1998.

As Music-News reports, Moby grew up an only child to a single mother after his father died in a drink-driving accident when he was two years old.

In 2016 memoir Porcelain, the dance music star already detailed his alcoholism but it was in the abovementioned interview that he recalled a night of heavy drinking that left him too incapacitated to attend his mother’s funeral.

Moby’s mother was Elizabeth McBride, an American costume designer nominated for Best Costumes for the film Driving Miss Daisy at the 62nd Academy Awards. She died when she was only 42.

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March 09, 2018
di Fabiana