Obsessed fan plotted to kidnap Lana Del Rey, attempt foiled by police

Police in Orlando arrested a man outside of a Lana Del Rey concert Friday night (Feb. 2nd) on charges that he planned to kidnap the singer.

Michael Hunt, 43, made threatening posts and videos involving Del Rey on social media and was reportedly in possession of a knife when he was arrested and now he faces charges of aggravated stalking with a credible threat and attempted kidnapping with a weapon.

“I want to see my queen on Friday and from that day forward our decisions will be as one,” Hunt wrote on January 30th on his Facebook page.

In a statement shared on Twitter, the OPD said it “received a tip about a possible kidnapping threat” to the singer, whose real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant.

The statement said: “The threats were reportedly made by Michael Hunt, 43, of Riverview, Florida. OPD Detectives considered the information a credible threat, and took investigative measures to locate Hunt.”

And it continues: “OPD officers came into contact with Hunt at Hughey Avenue and Central Boulevard on Friday evening, one block from the Amway Center. When he was taken into custody, Hunt was in possession of tickets to the Lana Del Rey performance and a knife. At no time was he able to make contact with Ms Grant.”

Lana Del Rey thanked her fans on Twitter after the show on Friday, but didn’t acknowledge the arrest and she didn’t comment on the incident. She reassured fans she is “fine” and planning to continue her tour only on Monday (Feb. 5), three days after the incident.

“Orlando! Fort Lauderdale! Miami! Thank you so much for coming out and making those shows totally crazy and keeping the energy high,” she wrote.

She added that she was feeling “super lucky after a couple of days of amazing shows. That means Atlanta, Georgia at the Phillips Arena is our next stop. Grateful.”

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February 05, 2018
di Fabiana