Paul McCartney debuts new song ‘In The Blink Of An Eye’

A new Paul McCartney song titled “In The Blink Of An Eye” appears on the soundtrack for the Raymond Briggs adaptation Ethel and Ernest. The track, written by the former Beatle, made its first appearance early Friday (Oct. 28) morning across iTunes’ international stores in the advance pre-order listing for the soundtrack album.

At the moment, the full album can only be ordered from iTunes in the U.K. and via the music store’s international channels (including Australia) and at

The animated film Ethel and Ernest, based on Briggs’s moving 1998 storybook about the lives of his parents, premiered on Oct.15th at the London Film Festival. McCartney’s new song plays over the end credits of the movie.

I knew that Paul McCartney was a big animation fan and I knew that Raymond Briggs’s book Fungus the Bogeyman had influenced Paul’s 1980s track Bogey Music,” Ethel and Ernest director Roger Mainwood said. “So I asked Raymond if he might write a letter to Paul to see if he was interested in composing a track for Ethel and Ernest, which he did on Fungus the Bogeyman headed paper!”

It obviously worked and we were thrilled when Paul said he was interested,” he continued. “We met up and he produced a CD which included a track called Mum and Dad theme. This eventually became In the Blink of An Eye which we have used in the film.”

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October 28, 2016
di Fabiana