Pink’s daughter interested in dating boys

A few days ago we filled you in on the fact Pink revealed her daughter is determined to marry an African woman. A lot of you wanted to weigh in on this and it seems that some of you do not agree the singer is raising her two children as gender-neutral.

In a first moment Pink said it was ok to her and didn’t bat an eye at the baby girl’s claim. Now the ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ hitmaker has encouraged her six-year-old daughter Willow to only date boys who are “good to their mums”.

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, the singer revealed: “She said to me the other day, ‘How many boys can I have at once?’ And I said, ‘Excuse me? Probably none of them because they won’t deserve you. They have to be kind, respectful, they have to be chivalrous. They have to be good to their mums, they have to be good looking, they have to be funny.’

So Pink decided to pave the way also to heterosexual life for her daughter, maybe to be sure that anyone she does date – whether it’s a man or a woman – is a worthy suitor.

in: Pop
December 06, 2017
di Fabiana