Prince cassette sells for $4087

A promo cassette copy of ‘The Versace Experience – Prelude To Gold’ by Prince has just sold on Discogs for $4087. This way, it has set a new record as the most expensive cassette sold on the famous marketplace.

The cassette of previously-unreleased material was given to attendees of the Versace collection of Paris Fashion Week over the course of three consecutive days, beginning July 8, 1995.

The limited tape at issue is unique: even if it was essentially a promo tool for the upcoming album ‘The Gold Experience’, it features edited versions of tracks in addition to assorted odds and ends, impossible to find anywhere else.

Here is ‘The Versace Experience – Prelude 2 Gold’ tracklist:

A1 Pussy Control (Club Mix Edit)
A2 Shhh (X-cerpt)
A3 Get Wild In The House
A4 I Hate U (Remix)
A5 319 (X-cerpt)
A6 Shy (X-cerpt)
B1 Billy Jack Bitch
B2 Sonny T. (X-cerpt)
B3 Rootie Kazootie (Edit)
B4 Chatounette Controle
B5 Pussy Control (Control Tempo Edit)
B6 Kamasutra Overture #5
B7 Free The Music
B8 Segue
B9 Gold (X-cerpt)

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October 12, 2016
di Fabiana