Rebecca Black performs an *NSYNC song on ‘The Four’

Do you remember Rebecca Black? Ok, you’ll have a little help. Rebecca Black is an American YouTuber and singer who gained extensive media coverage when the music video for her 2011 single “Friday” went viral on YouTube and other social media sites.

On Thursday night (June 7), the singer appeared as a contestant in Season 2 of the reality television musical competition series The Four: Battle for Stardom broadcast on Fox. The series is hosted by Fergie and judged by Sean Combs, Meghan Trainor and DJ Khaled.

Trainor was the first one to recognize the girl: “I know you! You’re Rebecca Black!” she said.

For her audition, Rebecca Black sang NSYNC’s superhit “Bye Bye Bye.” All three judges acknowledged her talent and had supportive comments.

Getting the go ahead with “three blue rings” from all three judges, she passed immediately to the Challenge round picking contestant James Graham from the boy band Stereo Kicks as her opponent.

Initially Graham performed choosing “A Song for You”, followed by Black singing Ednaswap’s “Torn” made popular by Natalie Imbruglia. The audience voted instantly on the two performances prefering to save Graham with Black being eliminated from the show.

“I could not be more grateful for the platform you guys gave me to just be who I truly am and to do what I love more than anything else in the world,” she tweeted. “What a huge weight lifted and I cannot wait to show you what’s to come.

Here’s Rebecca Black’s performance on The Four:

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June 08, 2018
di Fabiana