Rick Rubin dating 9-year-old Lil Tay?

This is not a joke, unfortunately. The foul-mouthed 9-year-old rapper Lil Tay was spotted hanging out with Rick Rubin on Wednesday (May 30).

The Instagram celebrity shared the clip of her and Rubin together on her IG story in the afternoon, saying “whats up? I’m with the legend Rick Rubin,” before the 55-year-old record producer hilarious replied “what’s up what’s up.”

Are they dating? Is this possible? Or probably they went out together to work on new music. As a matter of fact, Lil Tay is trying to get her feet wet in the music world, having shared the song “Money Way,” but we think it’s more than that.

Check out the clip of the two below.

in: Hip Hop
May 31, 2018
di Fabiana