Ricky Martin, Jwan Yosef and their $13.5M Beverly Hills mansion

Ricky Martin and his fiance Jwan Yosef decided to live permanently to Beverly Hills. The couple contemplated moving their family to London in 2016, before falling in love with Los Angeles, where they have now a beautiful $13.5 million mansion.

The spacious property is suitable for the singer’s nine-year-old twins, Matteo and Valentino so Ricky and Jwan decided not going back to the U.K., where the couple first met after connecting via Instagram.

Ricky Martin and his fiance Jwan Yosef are on the cover of Architectural Digest‘s February 2018 issue, out now. The house have seven bedrooms and the singer said to the magazine that ‘There’s so much potential for crafting a vibrant, creative environment for our family.’

As regards their children, the singer said: “Tino and Matteo were born on the road. They’re used to spending two weeks in one place and then moving on. Our kids are stable when we are together. Wherever we happen to be, that’s home.”

On decorating their home, Ricky claimed: “Jwan has impeccable taste, so I give him most of the credit for how good everything looks. My main concern was for comfort and practicality, and I think we’ve accomplished that.”

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January 10, 2018
di Fabiana