Robbie Williams seriously ill, admitted to intensive care

Robbie Williams finally explained why he cancelled the final dates of his stadium tour: the singer received ‘very worrying’ test results and was rushed to hospital in the intensive care unit.

The singer, who released his 11th album ‘Heavy Entertainment Show’ late last year, announced in September that he was forced to cancel three gigs scheduled to take place in Russia. At the time, it was reported that he was suffering a severe back injury.

Now, the 43-year-old singer revealed in a new video posted to his YouTube account that he’s been recovering from an illness for the last five weeks and that if he can’t go on with the tour is just because there’s something very important going on that he must deal with.

Williams did not specify what was wrong with him but an herniated disc is suspected, and he said he recovered at his home in Los Angeles. His next tour dates aren’t until February 2018 when he kicks off a tour of Australia and New Zealand.

“So, how am I is really good. I’ve been recovering from an illness now for the last five weeks,” Robbie explained to fans in the video. “Unfortunately, that illness kicked in just at the end of my tour, a tour which was going so well. The audiences were incredible, I was okay, the band were amazing. I was a soldier and I needed to finish that tour and I needed to go to Moscow and I needed to go to St. Petersburg.”

Then I got some test results. They were very worrying and I ended up in ICU (Intensive Care Unit), so I couldn’t go. I haven’t pulled out of a tour for bad health since 1998 so you know that if I can’t do it then there’s something going on that I just can’t do it,” the singer continued.

Here’s the final part of his speech: “Russia, I love you, I can’t wait to come and party with you … I got all of your good thoughts and prayers and well wishes and they all meant a lot to me. Especially five weeks ago.” See the video below.

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October 25, 2017
di Fabiana