Seal, stop to the albums: the singer only wants to release singles

Seal has informed his fans they do not have to wait for another upcoming album. In fact, the singer confirmed he no longer wants to release albums in the conventional way, opting to release singles instead.

The reason? It seems the “Crazy” singer – who released LP ‘7’ last year – feels album are no longer satisfying as he said “I won’t be making albums in the same way. I will be releasing songs. I think there’s an immediacy and a freedom which comes with that, to release music as and when I see fit. The playing field is different these days. The concept of going into a studio for however long and making a concept album, so to speak, I don’t know if that’s relevant these days or if indeed that is practical to do. It’s certainly not so effective.”

In addition to this, Seal revealed he already has a lot of songs ready for release: “There are a ton of songs, absolutely. I have a ton of ideas, and some pretty interesting collaborative opportunities. If anything, I think the music becomes more exciting because it’s fresher. There’s a kind of refreshing rawness about it. It doesn’t get overcooked, overbaked and is not necessarily refined or finished as it would be when an album is released. And there’s something to be said for that.”

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August 18, 2016
di Fabiana