Shakira defends a fan from security during concert

During Shakira’s show at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City on Oct. 12, a fan dodged security and crashed the stage. In a video posted on Twitter, we can see a man rushing to the stage hugging Shakira and seemingly asking for a selfie.

The Colombian singer displayed her caring side taking a selfie with Axel Escobar, who also interrupted her performance during her Oral Fixation Tour in 2011.

Security then tries to get the man off the stage while still holding on to the singer, but she comes to the rescue, telling the aggressive guards to calm down before nabbing a selfie with her fan. The blonde artist then gave him a final hug, before security staff led the man off stage.

Watch the video below.

in: LatinLive
October 16, 2018
di Fabiana