Sia accidentally shows her face during concert

That Sia wants to keep her face hidden beneath wigs both in her video and in her performances, is something we already know. As for the reasons why… well, once she told Ellen DeGeneres that she keeps her face hidden so that she can shop ‘at target’ if she wants to. A way to preserve her anonymity? Yes.

But finally, the singer revealed her face during a live performance in Colorado on Wednesday (Oct.5). Sia’s face and wig-cap were unveiled mid-way through her set when a gust blew aside the fringe of her wig. The wind was so strong that the Australian’s bow headpiece was also knocked to the side of her head.

Useless to say that the singer continued the show as if nothing had happened. But the brief glimpse of her face was captured in photos and video.

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October 10, 2016
di Fabiana