Spandau Ballet will continue on without Tony Hadley, band looking for a new lead vocalist

Spandau Ballet don’t seem too broken up about the loss of lead singer Tony Hadley, who surprised fans earlier this summer when he revealed quite suddenly that he had left the band. The show must go on and bassist Martin Kemp has revealed that Spandau Ballet intend to continue without Hadley and are on the search for a new singer.

“The band will carry on and we will find the right new singer.” he told The Sun, adding “What Tony decided to do doesn’t just steal special moments and memories from the band. It also steals them from the fans. We all like to see ’80s bands because those performers and those songs trigger memories, so the fact Tony chose to take that away from so many people is sad.”

It’s not the first time the English band have gone their separate ways. They first split in 1990 after a disagreement about royalties. Hadley, Norman and Keeble launched an unsuccessful court case against Gary Kemp for a share of Kemp’s songwriting royalties from his work with Spandau Ballet.

Needless to say that Tony refused to speak to Martin and Gary Kemp for years. But in 2009 they patched up their differences and delighted fans with a reunion.

This time it’s different. On July rd 2017, Tony Hadley announced on Twitter that due to circumstances beyond his control, he was no longer a member of the band and Spandau Ballet accepted it unreservedly. Who’s gonna be the new leader of the band? Only time will tell.

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September 05, 2017
di Fabiana