• Lil Pump arrested in Miami with invalid driver’s license

    Rapper Lil Pump was pulled over after police discovered that the license plate on his Rolls-Royce could be traced back to a Mini Cooper. Authorities then arrested Pump after learning he was driving without a valid license. The rapper was then released on $500 bond and was issued a ticket but will not have to appear in court.
  • Kendo Kaponi arrested in Puerto Rico

    Reggaeton singer Kendo Kaponi (real name Jose Morales Rivera) was arrested in Puerto Rico the early morning hours April 9 on charges of armed burglary and assault in Florida. The singer was accused of attacking a barber in Orlando and the alleged incident occurred last July.
  • Trey Songz arrested for alleged assault

    Singer Trey Songz was arrested in Los Angeles Monday on suspicion of felony domestic violence after a woman claimed he choked and punched her last month. The alleged victim Andrea Buera has stated the rapper violently attacked her in a jealous rage during a party.
  • Nick Gordon arrested following domestic dispute

    Nick Gordon has been arrested on suspicion of battery domestic violence in Florida. Police were called to investigate a possible domestic disturbance at Gordon's home in Seminole, following a heated dispute between him and his girlfriend.
  • G Herbo released from jail

    G Herbo
    G Herbo has been released from jail and it was his fiancé to announce the news on Instagram. The rapper was arrested over the weekend after allegedly being caught with a firearm. He, alongside two other men, were charged with illegal possession of a loaded firearm.
  • Dictators singer Richard Manitoba arrested for domestic assault

    Hansen manitoba
    The Daily News reported that Dictators singer Richard 'Hansome Dick' Manitoba was reportedly arrested last week and charged for allegedly assaulting Zoe Hansen, his former domestic partner. Manitoba was arraigned last Fri and is expected back in Criminal court on March 26.
  • Man arrested for stalking Katy Perry

    Pawel Jurski from Poland was arrested for allegedly trying to enter a private backstage area during Katy Perry’s last concert and faces felony charges of aggravated stalking and escape. Jurski is said to have attended all Perry's tour, making efforts to reach the singer at each concert.
  • John Mellencamp’s son Speck arrested

    Police arrested John Mellencamp's son Speck because he was reportedly involved in a fight and refused to cooperate with officers and medical personnel. He faces charges of public intoxication and resisting law enforcement.