Joey Fatone

  • *NSYNC congratulate JT: ‘Best halftime of all time’

    Former *Nsync members took to socials to congratulate Justin Timberlake on his amazing performance at the Sunday's Super Bowl LII halftime show, in particular Lance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick, who defined it 'the best halftime of all time'.
  • Joey Fatone planning big expansion for hot dog business

    Joey Fatone is looking to expand his hot dog business. The former *NSYNC band member, who already owns a hot dog stand called "FatOne's" in Orlando, is ready to open two or three more locations in Florida and hopes to expand elsewhere.
  • NSYNC reunited for JC Chasez’s 40th birthday

    On Monday (Aug 8) Jc Chasez turned forty and for the occasion, NSYNC reunited to celebrate his birthday. It was Justin Timberlake to post on Facebook the picture of the band all smiling together.