• Cardi B reveals how much she’s getting paid for Coachella

    ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 03:  Rapper Cardi B at 2017 LudaDay Celebrity Basketball Game at Morehouse College - Forbes Arena on September 3, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)
    Cardi B will earn $70,000 each weekend she plays at Coachella this year. For a star as big as she is now, it’s really not so much: in fact, the rapper will probably lose money playing the fest, because she’s apparently spending nearly $300,000 on her stage set, which she views as an “investment.”
  • Britney Spears’ father says no to Kevin Federline

    Briney Spears'ex husband Kevin Federline and his attorney contacted Jamie Spears to increase his monthly child support from $20,000 to an unspecified amount, claiming he wanted to be able to take care of their sons, S.Preston and J.James, at the level Spears currently can.
  • Kevin Federline asks for more child support from Britney Spears

    A source revealed Kevin Federline wants to re-examine his child support arrangement with ex-wife Britney Spears following her recent success and good profits. The source didn't say how much Federline is looking for, but indicated he is looking for a large increase.