• Thom Yorke shares cryptic tweets with followers

    Over the last three days, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke posted a series of cryptic messages on Twitter and his followers are desperately trying to understand what he means. "Disinformation" was the first one, followed by "do you see his smile?" and "putting rocks in our hearts".
  • Radiohead: solo projects & tour in 2018

    Radiohead announced they are planning a tour for 2018, but will otherwise focus on their own solo projects next year. The band are due to complete their tour in support of 2016’s ‘A Moon Shaped Pool‘ next week when they will play a controversial gig in Tel Aviv.
  • Radiohead’s guitarist Ed O’Brien to release solo album next year

    In a new interview with BBC Radio 6, Radiohead's O’Brien told Matt Everitt that he intends to release a solo album next year. The artist took the inspiration for the album in the year he spent in Brazil.
  • Radiohead release special edition of ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’

    Radiohead have unveiled the special edition of 'A Moon Shaped Pool' in an unboxing video, as the record has started shipping. The special edition includes 2 vinyl records, 2 compact discs and a 32-page book of artwork.