• Lauren London secretly married to Nipsey Hussle?

    Lauren London Nipsey Hussle
    According to folks close to the couple, Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle got married in July in a small ceremony in Mexico but yesterday (Dec. 11) the model and actress took to Instagram to deny rumors. "I'm not married y'all. Chillllll," she wrote followed by three laughing emojis.
  • Eminem opens up about Machine Gun Kelly feud

    Eminem has opened up about his feud with fellow rapper Machine Gun Kelly, admitting the reason behind it is "petty". Eminem is expected to go into more detail when part 2 of The Kamikaze Interview goes live on YouTube and Eminem's website at an unknown date.
  • Jay-Z, a secret son pops up

    24-year-old Rymir Satterthwaite, who claims to be the secret son of Jay-Z, has accused the rapper of using his fame and wealth to avoid taking a paternity test for more than 8 years. Rymir claims he wants neither money nor recognition from Jay-Z, but just to tell the truth and take responsibility.