Usher to honour Las Vegas massacre victims at concert

Devastated about what happened in Las Vegas. Music is what we turn to feel safe and not a place for fear. Stay strong Vegas. Love will always prevail.”

That’s what Usher wrote 20 hours ago on his Official Facebook page to express solidarity and closeness to the victims of Route 91 Harvest country music festival in Las Vegas on  Sunday (Oct.1st).

The R&B singer now plans to honour those who died in that tragic event at his next Las Vegas show. “Music has always been a place we retreat to for love, for passion for honesty, we will not be in fear of things that happen,” he told news show Extra, while revealing his plans to stage a show to help the victims.

I am going to have a concert in Las Vegas very soon (and pay tribute to those who died).” he said, adding “That is how you respond to adversity, that is how you respond to negativity – with love… My heart goes out to them… The war is on hatred. We are love and we have to be that collectively.”



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October 04, 2017
di Fabiana